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The Village of Homer: A Brief History

The Village of Homer was incorporated in 1871, but its rich history dates back to the hardy pioneers who settled here. Powel Grover, William Wintersteen and two brothers, Richard and Henry McMurtrie, were the first pioneers to come to Homer. It was mid-April 1832, and they walked all the way from Luzerne County, Pennsylvania to settle on land three miles east of the area that later became the Village of Homer.
Milton Barney arrived from Lyons, New York later in 1832, purchased land along the Kalamazoo River, and the next year brought his family to the area where he had built a log house, a store and a small saw mill using waterpower from the river. He built the first hotel, served as the first postmaster, and started the state? first wildcat bank. This cluster of buildings was the beginning of Barneyville, the village? original name that was changed to Homer in 1834 because James Hopkins and others from Homer, Cortland County, New York wanted the area named after their previous home.

From the beginning, Homer has had a proud history of innovation in agriculture, business and industry, education and community development.  Its services and infrastructure have evolved to meet the needs of area residents now and in the future. The sign on the village water tower proclaiming Homer Is Home reflects the spirit and commitment of the community.


The Village of Homer has a position open for a Crossing Guard on M-99 at the Hamilton Street intersection on Mondays through Fridays 7:30-8:00 am and from 2:50-3:20 pm when school is in session.  A background check will be required.  Interested applicants should send a letter of interest to:

Village of Homer
130 East Main St.
Homer, MI 49245

Click here to print employment application (8 pages)


Homer Title VI Non-Discrimination Plan

Village Manager's Quarterly Report

REQUESTING: Planning Consultation Services for Master Land Use Plan Update for the Village of Homer
The Village of Homer is seeking proposals from qualified professional planning firms to complete an update of its Master Plan. The Village of Homer is actively involved in the Redevelopment Ready Communities program (RRC). Interested parties should submit a proposal to the Village no later than noon on June 1, 2018.
In 1999, the Village adopted its current Master Plan. The Master Plan was developed with assistance from an opinion survey and the Planning Commission. Due to the RRC requirements, the old plan will need to be updated for the current times but, also, updated to include the appropriate RRC components. The Village desires a strong emphasis on community input, as well as usability of the document. All bidders must have experience with assisting a community in achieving RRC certification.
firms are invited to submit proposals to assist the Village in completing this update. Due to the age of the current Master Plan, all sections will need to be updated and some new sections included. The Village would like the following items addressed in the Master Plan update:
Demographics-updated demographics which draw conclusions regarding Homer’s community. These numbers should draw conclusions towards certain steps that the Village should take to improve.
Infrastructure-the document should outline the existing infrastructure in the Village, as well as areas of improvement.
Housing-identify and examine Village neighborhoods and work to formulate new ideas for housing, as well as improving current housing.
Redevelopment Areas-identify and strategize for priority redevelopment areas in the Village.
Transportation and Corridors-analyze the M-60 and M-99 corridors in the Village and suggest improvements. Also, include Complete Streets section.
Existing Uses-discuss the parks, schools, library and other Village uses that are available to residents of Homer.
Goals and objectives-using the community of Homer and the Planning Commission, create reasonable goals and objectives to move the Village forward in the next two years.
Future Land Use-create a map and districts from visioning sessions with the community and the Planning Commission.
Implementation Plan-the plan should transform the Villages Goals and Objectives into action items which identify champions to lead projects and help them come to fruition.
Zoning Plan-this table should draw acceptable correlations between Master Plan districts and Zoning districts and serve as a tool for boards when considering zoning amendments.
Statutory Requirements-consultant must adhere to all statutory requirements while updating the Master Plan.
addition to providing the services above, the submitted proposals should identify the proposed methods for soliciting public input on the various aspects and issues identified in the plan. The proposals should offer the number of sessions recommended, as well as the rate of additional sessions if identified as necessary by the Village. Please include how you will advertise meetings and keep the community updated using web sites, social media, etc. A timeline for project start through project finish, including distribution and adoption, should be included.
Project Schedule
After review of the proposals, and possible interviews, the Village intends to start this project by July 2018.
proposal shall include a statement of qualifications. statement should include the name, address, and a brief history of the firm. resumes of key personnel that would be assigned to the project, along with a list of their responsibilities within the project should also be provided. In addition, related experience during the last ten (10) years should be provided including the name of the community, contact person, and phone number).
Project Cost and Contract
The proposal should include the following cost information: The lump sum project cost with a breakdown illustrating the costs of various deliverables; an estimate of the amount of staff time required to complete the project, including the approximate time expected to be allocated to each staff member; the number of meetings/sit visits included in the project cost; and the firm’s fee schedule for additional work.
The Village requests a professional services contract with a not-to-exceed fee for the required services. The contract will provide for monthly billing on a time and materials basis for the services provided. In addition, the contract will include language to allow the project to be terminated by joint agreement of the parties with full compensation being made to the consultant for expenses incurred and work completed to termination date.
The proposals will be evaluated by the Village Council based on the criteria listed below:
Understanding of the project-Will review a brief statement of the firm’s understanding of the project including an overview of the plan to complete the scope of work and additional services.
Public input and engagement-Will give comparative consideration to the nature and number of public input sessions and the firm’s experience with web, social media, and other recommended engagement techniques.
Qualifications of the Personnel-Will consider the qualifications of the individuals assigned to the completion of the Master Plan Update, including the staff time to be devoted to the project.
Qualifications of the Firm-Will review the firm’s experience in similar projects in the last ten (10) years, as described previously. Consideration will be given to the firm with ability to create maps and information through GIS systems.
Project Cost-The board will review the total project cost, as well as the value of services provided by the firm, including the level of the personnel and their time that would be devoted to the project.
the close of the project, the selected consultant will provide an electronic copy of the updated Master Plan suitable for reproduction and website. The Village will also require 15 hardcopies of the plan for distribution.
Submittal Instructions
To be considered, two (2) copies of the completed proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked: REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS-MASTER PLAN UPDATE and received by 12:00 pm (noon) on Friday, June 1, 2018 by mail or hand delivery to:
Village of Homer
130 E. Main Street
P.O. Box 155
Homer, Michigan 49245
Proposals arriving after the date and time will remain unopened and disqualified. Any proposal may be withdrawn by giving written notice to the Village Manager before the stated proposal opening time. Questions regarding the proposal may be directed by email to:
Art Kale, Village Manager at manager@homermichigan.org
The Village reserves the right to accept any proposal, to reject any or all proposals, to waive defects in proposals submitted in response to this request and to select the proposal deemed to be in the best interest of the Village. Issuance of the proposal does not obligate the Village to award a contract. The Village accepts no responsibility for reimbursing consultants for expenses incurred in responding to this Request for Proposals.



Next regular Council
Meeting to be held
Monday,  August 6, 2018 @ 7:00 pm 
in the Council Chambers at the Village

The Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 12th @ 5:00 pm has been cancelled.  

New rental rates for Homer Graduates for use of the Homer Community House.  Please call the Village Office for details at 517-568-4321!!

The Village Office hours are as follows:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


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